Here is an interesting surprise, as it seems that the second season of The Punisher will feature the return of one of the first seasons’ big villains. That Marvelous Guy got a good shot from behind the scenes featuring a shootout between the Punisher and an unknown assailant. We get a good look at Castle in his Punisher vest, which hopefully means we will see him wear it more often throughout the show.

Taking a closer look reveals that this attack is the returning Ben Barnes as Billy Russo. It seems that his time in the hospital bed has already come to an end and he is returning to his hunt for Frank Castle to get revenge for the first season.

The interesting surprise to this return is that we did not expect such a quick follow-up to the cliffhanger from the first season. Frank got his revenge on his former comrade and shoved his face into a broken mirror. This allowed him to deface the pretty boy with the last hint at him in a hospital bed teasing the deformed face he is famous for in the comics. Taking a closer look at the video it seems as if he will be hiding his face with the help of a mask throughout the film. This might be the sequence where it is revealed that

The next release will be Luke Cage that had a similar tease at the end of its first season but so far it does not seem like they will follow up on Diamondback receiving a similar treatment that gave Cage his powers. It will be interesting to see if the show will also give us more clarity on that subplot similar to what will be an important part of The Punisher‘s second season.

Source: Instagram

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