The Punisher‘s second season is just around the corner and Netflix’s marketing has finally kicked into high gear. We got a teaser on New Year’s with the announcement that the second season will premiere on Netflix on January 18th. A few days later, we got the reveal of Ben Barnes‘ return as Jigsaw, which shows how advanced the MCU’s cosmetic surgery is to the dismay of those hoping for a more comic accurate design. Still, we will see if there is something they are still hiding from viewers as soon as the film releases on the 18th. Luckily, we will get one more trailer and its release was teased alongside a brand new poster for the series.

It is a rather simple poster but fits for the arc that was teased for the character. Frank gave up on his revenge-fueled life at the end of the last season. As such, there was the question of how they would continue the show with him being the Punisher as the title of the show suggests. Netflix shows have a general theme of making their characters question if they want to be their alter-ego, most notably Iron Fist where Danny Rand is unsure if he should even hold the title. The poster kind of highlights that we will most certainly see him once again return to the iconic vest with some small imagery to tease the overarching plot. Will be interesting to see what the teaser will reveal about the second seasons’ storyline and how it will affect Frank.

What do you think of the poster? What are your hopes for the second season of The Punisher?

Source: Twitter