Thor: Ragnarok story details have recently come to light. The movie will partially take place on the planet of Sakaar, which hosts gladiatorial contests. Thor (Chris Hemsworth) will be forced to fight as a gladiator after finding himself exiled from Asgard. Among the fighters that Thor will have to face is Hulk (Mark Ruffalo), who is the most popular fighter on Sakaar.

A rematch between Thor and Hulk seems inevitable ever since their fight in The Avengers. While their last fight may not have ended with a clear winner, it appears that Thor and Hulk will indeed be facing off. Merchandise for the film has already been revealed in the form of t-shirts which display images of the fight.

The shirts give us our first look at the gladiatorial outfits for both Thor as well as Hulk. Both combatants are armed, with Thor holding a sword, and Hulk wielding a hammer. Hulk appears to have been given new armor as well and is wearing a helmet. Finally, both fighters seem to have war paint on their faces.

The shirts also give us our first look at Sakaar, showing the giant arena behind the combatants. It appears that there will be thousands, if not more who play witness to the showdown between Hulk and Thor. The merchandise graphics would also seem to imply that the Sakaar fights take up a significant portion of screen time. The Hulk-Thor rematch in particular may be marketed in trailers as well as posters if it is already being teased on merchandise this far in advance of the film.

Thor Ragnarok arrives in theaters November 3, 2017.