UPDATE: Sony has finally released the thing in full HD so you can see the symbiote in its full glory here.

The first Venom trailer that dropped two months ago did nothing but polarize expectations for the film. It showed a bunch of generic action sequences, undercut by cryptic sci-fi leanings, with no real hint of the Lethal Protector besides a title card and logo. We certainly didn’t like it. Now, we might have to backtrack a little bit. Over in Las Vegas in the annual CinemaCon event, Sony premiered a new trailer for Venom which unveiled the first look at Tom Hardy in the iconic costume. Check it out below courtesy of a leak:

If that clip isn’t enough to convince you, the full trailer surfaced in the bowels of the internet as well.

VENOM Trailer 2018 от rutube_account_2342201 на Rutube.

So… I completely take back what I said two months ago. Color me impressed. Sure, the effects are shoddy and 1997 Spawn-esque and the mouth movement is stiff as hell but I really dug the concept they have. It’s promising and faithful, to say the least. Even the trailer sells the film more effectively this time, showcasing the film’s premise, cast of characters, and the abilities of the suit. I’m really excited to see this full trailer in HD when it comes out.

Source: Twitter