When you talk to anybody about Daredevil, the one subject that is sure to come up is the quality of the fight sequences. In both seasons, stunt coordinator Phil Silvera coordinated not only brilliant fights, but fights full of realism and purpose. In the above video, Daredevil stars Charlie Cox and Elodie Yung provide a look at how Silvera and Cox’s stunt double, Chris Brewster, brought those fight sequences to life in the second season.

The video from Indiewire includes behind-the-scenes footage from season two, episode eight, “Guilty As Sin,” where Elektra and Daredevil fight off a surprise attack by The Hand. Cox explains that the new enemies in Season Two changed the way his character needed to fight.

Fighting criminals who run around the streets is one thing, having to fight ninjas with swords is a very different skill set.

Silvera and Yung explain that The Hand is a different enemy, one that requires Daredevil to hone his skills in a new way. Daredevil wasn’t the only one needing to constantly up his game, though. Charlie Cox was constantly learning, and improving, in order to bring strength to the role. Brewster explained how they pulled off such intricate fights with very little planning.

Normally, Charlie sees the fight for the first time the day that we start filming it, so the days that we only have one day for a fight, we’ll give him section by section, and he’s able to memorize it and perform, within minutes.

Stunt coordinator and second unit director, Phil Silvera, added that Cox optimizes the time on set in order to maximize the fight sequences.

Charlie works around the clock, very hard, non-stop. The minute our director yells “Cut,” he’ll step off to the side with his stunt double, or the rest of the stunt team, and he’ll start working.

The praise isn’t only for Cox, but also for Season Two newcomer, Elodie Yung. Joining the cast as Elektra, her character has a very different fighting style, for which she was well-prepared, having already had a martial arts education. Brewster praised Yung’s abilities, and how she was able to slide into the requirements of the role with her prior training.

It’s very cool that she has a martial arts background, because her character trained with Stick, so technically, she should be like so far superior, because they are like, the most superior ninjas in the world.

Daredevil has been crafted in a way that each fight has a purpose, something that Season Two did an excellent job of showcasing. There is emotion in the fights, there is a purpose to them, and because of that, they are as important to Cox as the story that is being told.

I really enjoy discovering the fight sequences in the same way that I like finding out what story we’re telling.

To put these fights together, it truly takes a good amount of mental and physical strength for Cox. How does he keep going?

When you get the kind of response that this show has, you really feel like it was worth it.

The first two seasons of Daredevil are currently streaming on Netflix. While there’s no word on a third season just yet, we’ll see the character next in The Defenders, which goes into production later this year and should air sometime in 2017. In the meantime, we put together the top ten fights of the MCU (before Daredevil‘s second season aired) which you can check out below. Do you feel any of the fights from Season 2 rank among these fights? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Indiewire