After years of waiting, news has finally broke from Geeks WorldWide that some may have been dreading. Since New Warriors has been unable to find a network, it has officially been dropped. Despite high-level executives apparently loving the un-aired pilot for the show, it couldn’t find a network to call home. They even shopped it at Disney+ and Hulu, but were turned away. We don’t have any idea then why it couldn’t secure a network, since it seemed to be so well received.

Couldn’t have been for budgetary reasons, since the show was described as a half-hour docu-comedy in the vein of The Office. Regardless, it’s a sad situation all around for the cast and showrunner, Kevin Biegel, who seemed quite passionate about the prospective show. Whatever the future may hold for these characters, I’m sure it’s not the last we’ll hear from them.

Source: GWW