The fate of New Warriors has been uncertain ever since it was revealed that Freeform took a pass on the promising show. And word on the street is that Marvel is still looking for a home for the series, at least according to Ryan North, the writer responsible for the embraced Unbeatable Squirrel Girl comic. North recently spoke at LibraryCon at length about his work in the industry in which he shared some tidbits about the New Warriors show. Here’s Bleeding Cool’s take on what North said:

There were also lots of questions about the New Warriors TV series of which Marvel made a pilot for Fremantle, but Fremantle didn’t have room in their schedule so Marvel has been shipping it around within Disney. He clarified that Marvel were still looking for a network and that ‘I haven’t seen the whole episode, just secret clips I can’t share… there’s a moment with Doreen I wish I’d put in a comic, such a sweet moment.

Rumor has it that some high-ranking Disney execs applauded the pilot of this show, making it more baffling that they still haven’t announced a home for it. When we learned that Marvel was pulling the show from Freeform, it was reported that a streaming service could serve as the show’s home and with the Disney streaming service slowly amassing content, it’s pretty much a no-brainer at this point.

All in all, it is good to know that there’s still a future for this show. As for North’s endorsement of that Squirrel Girl scene, it’s pretty exciting.

Source: Bleeding Cool