Last week Marvel TV made good on a rumor that had been swirling for nearly a year when they announced they had ordered New Warriors to series on Freeform. Described as a comedy, the series is set to focus on teen-aged Marvel heroes dealing as much with their powers as with being young. Freeform’s Karey Burke says the cast is comprised of “about-to-be-Avengers”, lead by Doreen Green (Squirrel Girl y’all!!!) and 5 other young heroes. While Burke wasn’t in a sharing mood when it came to revealing the identities of the other New Warriors, we thought we’d do some guesswork and see if we could come up with a lineup worthy of TV!

One thing about all of Marvel’s teams is that the rosters really don’t ever stay the same. The New Warriors, like the Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy, haven’t always been the same and, in fact, Squirrel Girl hasn’t ever been on the squad. With all that in mind, we’ve considered the many iterations of the New Warriors and some characters who haven’t ever made the squad, but like Squirrel Girl may be just right for Freeform. We also considered this tweet from Kevin Biegel (Scrubs), the man tasked with bringing this show to life:

If the show is to be influenced by the Great Lakes Avengers in addition to the New Warriors, maybe it could help us with the membership, though we do hope when casting is announced we don’t see anyone on the list as Grasshopper because, well, that just won’t end well…I’m not certain about any of these. This isn’t a scoop. This is a list of New Warriors and GLA members that seemed like they would comprise a group of people that could be diverse, funny and interesting. Don’t expect this to be the actual roster…

Speedball/Robbie Baldwin

If there’s one character about whom I feel most sure SHOULD be a part of this show, it’s Speedball. This sounds like the absolute best way to introduce Robbie Baldwin to the MCU. Forgetting for a minute that Robbie was the only member of the New Warriors to survive the Stamford Incident and that he then became the super-sullen Penance, everything about Speedball is ideal for a 30-minute comedy. His powers, though incredible, could be aesthetically amusing and the majority of his appearances in the comics highlighted his good nature. If we were betting folks, we’d lay a small wager down that Speedball makes the cut.

Night Thrasher/Dwayne Taylor

If there’s on character about whom I feel most unsure fitting into a comedy, it’s Night Thrasher. Dwayne Taylor’s tale is a sad one. His parents were murdered in front of him as a boy and he then dedicated his life to training his mind and body into the ultimate crime fighting weapon, his lust for revenge pushing him to fight crime as the costumed vigilante named Batman. Errr, Night Thrasher. While not much about Night Trasher sounds funny, he seems like a near must have for one reason: he formed the New Warriors. Taylor used his wealth to surveil a group of young heroes whom he ultimately assembled into a crime fighting team. We think that Taylor’s ties to the the team serve as a strong indication that we may see him added to the show. There’s also precedent for Night Thrasher to be in the MCU. Remember when Brett Mahoney mentioned the increasing number of vigilantes inspired directly by Daredevil a.k.a. devil-worshippers in Season 2? The billy club/baton wielding Night Thrasher fits that bill.

Gravity/Greg Willis

A comic book member of both the New Warriors and the Great Lakes Avengers, Greg Willis might be one young hero of whom you have never heard. Willis’ powers are pretty interesting, pretty subtle and pretty easy to duplicate on camera and, we could easily see the origin of his powers tied into the Chitauiri invasion, something of which Marvel is VERY fond. Willis’ was accidentally sucked into a black hole and his exposure gave him the ability to seemingly impact the gravitational field strength between himself and other objectss, allowing him to fly and replicate super strength. An interesting choice for sure, but one that we feel could embody the awkwardness for which the writers seem to be angling.

Timeslip/Rina Patel

I really wanted to find a teleporter to add to the team, but thinking about it, Timeslip’s powers are a littler bit cooler and haven’t really been explored much in any of the current flock of comic-based TV shows. Rina Patel is a time traveler, but not in the way you’d first think of it. She is able to slip through time (see how that works) into the past or future version of herself. Later on she learned to do some limited time travelling and to even slow time down around her (think Quicksilver-the X-Men one, not the Avengers one). Interestingly enough, the first tie Patel’s powers manifested themselves as a young child, she was pushed into the consciousness of the older version of her that had joined the New Warriors.

Mr. Immortal/Craig Hollis

This one is far more of a wishlist candidate than an actual contender, but the possibilities are endless with Mr. Immortal. Craig Hollis is immortal. He is essentially under the eternal protection of a demonic-type entity named Deathurge who just will not let Hollis die. Mr. Immortal’s “dying is what I do best” tagline could be played into any number of slapstick moments, but he also brings a slightly serious tilt to what could be a pretty awesome power. Hollis has to see everyone he loves come and go, knowing he’s here forever. I’d rather think of all the “dumb ways to die” that could befall Mr. Immortal, however, and let’s be honest, if this is really the New Warriors/GLA mash-up, we’re never going to get Mr. Immortal anywhere else so my question is: why not here?

Monkey Joe

If Squirrel Girl, then Monkey Joe.

Yep, there’s no Nova on our team. Why would you want an earth-bound Nova? There’s no Ms. Marvel either, though she was mentioned in an old rumor and a lot of folks would like to see her. Why leave such big-timers off the team? Because they’re big timers. Both these characters are far too important to play second-fiddle to Squirrel Girl. Also our team doesn’t have Vance Astrovik under any name because as cool as it would be to see him on TV, he seems like a character that, one way or another, is destined for the big screen.

And so this is what we are throwing your way. With work moving quickly on the show, it seems we’ll know the lineup sooner rather than later, so in the meantime, let us know what you think of this crew and who else you’d like to see! Freeform is already talking about potential spin-off series, so maybe let us know which New Warrior you’d like to see solo!

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