A couple of days ago, some photos from the set of Ant-Man and the Wasp surfaced, showcasing a closer look at Evangeline Lilly‘s brand new Wasp costume along with the first look at Walton Goggin‘s villainous Sonny Burch. Following those spanking photos, we now have a bunch of new ones which we think is directly correlated to the previous stuff we’ve seen. It features an action sequence the production is filming with the Wasp. Check it out!

So what we have is a scene that seems to feature Wasp exiting the Three Wombats’ new van as she hovers behind a moving car. You’ll see in the first image someone riding a motorcycle behind the van. We’re guessing that that’s one of the baddies after whatever they’re chasing. If you’ll recall the AM&W sizzle reel description from SDCC, a huge action chase sequence takes place right in the middle of the streets of San Francisco. The chase sequence even depicts Giant-Man showing up to kick a car off the curb, which we think was shot in this set video.

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Source: Atlanta Filming