Disney+ is becoming Marvel Studios’ new playground. It seems that they are going to try any crazy idea they can get their hands on. We are getting a surreal show focusing on Wanda recreating her life with Vision like an old sitcom, a show on the schizophrenic Moon Knight and much more. Among them is Marvel Studios first attempt at an animated show with What If? that will show us a very different MCU. It’s an exciting concept that will show us different scenarios of all the films released throughout the Infinity Saga. Discussing Film had the chance to interview showrunner Ashley Bradley on the upcoming project that offers some insight into how it came together and she teased some aspects of what we can expect from the animated show.

  • Bradley was called in to discuss potential projects int he past but never had the chance due to her involvement with the Trollhunter and 3Below franchise. Marvel Studios approached her and wanted her insight into how they could make a cartoon show, or as she put it “prestige animation”.
  • After early discussions, she pitched a few episode ideas to Kevin Feige before getting hired as showrunner.
  • Series director Bryan Andrews, who worked for Marvel Studios since Iron Man, Agent Carter‘s Matthew Chauncey working on the project as story editor and Brad Winderbaum worked on the stories for three weeks. 30 ideas were developed with Feige choosing 25 of his personal favorites before an additional selection.
  • Not every film will get its own episode, the focus is to give every character from the MCU a moment to shine in an alternate universe. We will have episodes that feature multiple characters we have met over the course of the Infinity Saga.
  • The original comics were used as a reference for ideas, such as Jane Foster’s Thor being one of the pitched episodes before they found out that Taika Waititi already is using the character in his upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder film.
  • They were trying to replicate a cinematic style while developing the animation for the series. Their goal was to push the boundaries for What If by combining CGI with a 2-D look.
  • Uatu was at one point a 20th Century Fox character but they got the character back in time. Bradley might give the character a redesign that voids the usual depiction so we might get one looking like the Watcher’s voice actor Jeffrey Wright.

She does talk a bit about the first episode which will focus primarily on an alternate incarnation of Captain America: The First Avenger. It has been confirmed that we will see Captain Carter in action alongside Steve Roger in an Iron Monger-esque suit. Some screenshots already offered a first look at the episode alongside T’Challa as Star-Lord and Zombie Captain so it will be quite exciting to see how crazy they will go with this series.

Are you excited for What If? What kind of episode do you hope to see?

Source: Discussing Film