Last week, WHIH World News premiered a new video discussing the cost of having The Avengers protect the world, showing that it is definitely a complicated subject. The fictional news site promised more discussions on the subject which builds on the tension that is leading to Captain America: Civil War.

Today, WHIH World News released a new video (above) debating who should pay for the damages caused when The Avengers cause massive destruction, or, as one side of the argument describes it, “Saves our life.”

Of course, the ticker across the bottom of the screen gives us more insight into the world of WHIH news, where an albino panda was born at the National Zoo, the FDA Cautions against an “All-Gluten Diet,” and Pym Technologies is having some trouble.

Pym Technologies to resume stock trading pushed back in wake of layoff rumors

Pym Technologies is the company founded by Hank Pym, and featured in the Ant-Man movie.

More discussions regarding the ethics of The Avengers and the destruction that they leave behind is expected to come from WHIH later this week. In the meantime, do you think Tony Stark actually has enough money to pay for all the damages that The Avengers cause?

Source: WHIH World News