Captain America: Civil War was an artistic masterpiece, giving fans intricate special effects, new heroes, and the first views of Wakanda, a country that will be heavily featured in Marvel Studios’ upcoming Black Panther film. To put together a film with so many properties involved, with such epic fight scenes, and with so many locations, the vision for the film is put together very early with a variety of concept art. Many talented artists are brought in to develop these concepts, and we have seen some of their work in various forms earlier this year.

While the art for the fight scenes was important for the choreography of the movie, it’s possible that the early views of Wakanda were even more important, setting up the world in which T’Challa reigns. While Wakanda was only shown in a brief clip mid-credits, as a foggy jungle, we will see far more of it when the Black Panther gets his full feature film. Concept Artist Andrew Leung has shared his original concept art for the view of Wakanda, giving us a view of the skyline of the fictional country. Leung also shared an unused idea for Tony Stark’s house, and some original concepts for the Raft, where several of our heroes are still imprisoned. You can see the full gallery, below.

The Wakandan skyline is incredibly futuristic, which fits for the sophisticated technology available in the African country. However, the design of Tony Stark’s House is rather earthy for the tech wizard that lives in it, which may be why we never saw this design in the film.

We’ll see more of Wakanda when Black Panther takes center stage on February 16, 2018. Filming is scheduled to start soon, in Atlanta. What is your vision for the MCU version of Wakanda? Let us know, in the comments!