When it comes to Thor, even with his Asgardian heritage, a large chunk of his movies tend to take place on Midgard aka Earth. He was banished here for about 75% of Thor, and when Malekith attacked at the alignment of the worlds he chose to do so on Earth, bringing Thor once again back to his second home. Between the Avengers and Jane Foster, he has plenty of reason to visit, but his movies present Marvel with an opportunity to explore other parts of the universe that none of their other main characters can logically do.

Thankfully, it sounds as if we will see “very little Earth” in Thor: Ragnarok, and with the recent addition of Tessa Thompson, it appears we have seen the last of Natalie Portman as Jane. We also know that Selvig will not return for Ragnarok, but it was reported that we could see someone with an eye patch appear, and I’m not talking about Odin.

A while back, an Australian newspaper reported that Nick Fury would appear for the next Thor film. At the time, it was a strange report due to the source and trying to figure out how he fit into the story. Well we now know that this will not be the case thanks to what Kevin Feige told HeyUGuys.

You’ll see him not in [Thor: Ragnarok], but an upcoming movie.

This makes a lot of sense and with him already coming back for Avengers: Infinity War, there are two possibilities that remain. If Feige is not referencing Infinity War, then Spider-Man: Homecoming and Black Panther are the two most likely options. Following the events of Civil War, could he go looking for the youngest member of Team Iron Man or will he try and find Wakanda and form a closer relationship with them. Either way, there are a few interesting stories that he could be a part of. Let us know where you want to see Fury in next in the comments below!

Source: HeyUGuys.