We’ve had an abundance of exciting rumors this weekend, courtesy of our friend Charles Murphy and today, he may have dropped the most exciting of them all. According to him, Nightmare, the long-talked-about villain of the Doctor Strange sequel, will make an early appearance as the big bad in Wandavision.

If true, his actually make sense for a bunch of reasons. Kevin Feige has long confirmed that Wandavision would directly lead into the Multiverse of Madness, where Wanda will have a supporting role in. Nightmare is obviously going to be the central link connecting these two properties. The whole notion of this pitch-perfect 50s-sitcom fantasy life of Wanda and Vision makes a ton of sense thinking Nightmare could be actually the one orchestrating it; torturing Wanda by showing her the life she’ll never ever have.

If true, I guess the big question moving forward is who is actually playing Nightmare. There has been no casting news so far for both properties so the role may not have been cast as of this typing.

Source: Murphy’s Multiverse