It’s a weird week for CBM announcements. First Warner Bros. dropped a confusing bombshell, announcing a Joker origin with Martin Scorsese entering talks to produce and Leonardo DiCaprio being eyed to star. Now, it seems that Sony wants their continued stake in the development of left-field comic book properties no fan ever asked for, as a new report is indicating that a Nightwatch film is in development for their blossoming Marvel Spiderverse. The rumor/report comes from the Tracking-Board’s Jeff Sneider who iterates that famed iconic director Spike Lee is being courted to direct.

The character named Nightwatch is the distillation of 90’s comic book excess. Created in 1993 during the peak of comic book craziness, Nightwatch was a vigilante with weird time-travel origins that first appeared in Web of Spider-Man #97. The character would later go on to have his own title comic and later faced several villains from Spider-Man’s rogue’s gallery. Oh and he bares a striking resemblance to Spawn, the poster boy of the industry during that era.

Regardless of the rumor being true, the idea to put a film like this in development feels trite. Not only does the property sound infinitely more uninteresting than Silver & Black and a Spidey-less Venom film but Sony’s track record handling their properties like this themselves makes us wonder if we’ll have another Steel in this golden age of superhero films. Even with Spike Lee possibly at the helm, we can’t imagine a scenario where this actually works in the hands of Sony.

Source: Meet the Movie Press

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