Production is now well underway on Marvel’s first Disney+ show Falcon and the Winter Soldier, with us getting our first look at U.S. Agent suited up last week, and now thanks to Deadline we have another casting addition for the show.

According to the site, Noah Mills (The Enemy Within, The Brave) will be joining stars Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan in the series. They don’t provide any details on which character he could be playing, and given how little we actually know about what the series will entail – beyond the presumed fight over who should be the new Captain America – it’s hard to make any specific guesses. Perhaps he’s playing an ally of Wyatt Russell‘s John Walker, or he could even be a member of the Thunderbolts, if those rumors about their appearance in the series comes to fruition.

Another interesting small detail from Deadline’s article – and probably an irrelevant one – is their labelling of John Walker’s alter-ego being the “Super Patriot” – is this an oversight on the site’s part, or is this the name Walker will use in the series? Walker did very briefly use this identity in the comics, which could explain it, but given what how obscure that name is, that’s certainly an odd one for the site to choose.

While we don’t know who Wills will end up playing in the series just yet, with Falcon and the Winter Soldier set for release later this year, it hopefully shouldn’t be long before we learn more about both his character and the series.

Source: Deadline