Silver & Black news continues to leak through to fans and this time it is a doozy.  That Hashtag Show is confirming that Norman Osborn will, in fact, play a role in Silver & Black as Sony continues to flesh out their Spider-Man universe, sans Spider-Man.  What is more interesting to MCU fans, however, is that he is intentionally appearing in such a way to allow a later introduction into the main MCU storyline.  So, Osborn will only have a voice role in the film while he will have employee Charles Standish being the face of the corporation.  This way Kevin Feige can later cast his own actor for the role in a Marvel Studios led Spider-Man film.  You can see the full report here:

This approach to the property shows a little bit more how the Marvel/Sony connecting may be working.  There are already rumors that Mac Gargan will re-appear in this film after his role in Spider-Man: Homecoming.  Characters may well float back and forth between these films.  It also appears that there is some deference to the desires of Feige and Marvel Studios.  Sony could go ahead and hire their own Osborn and paint Marvel Studios in a corner, but they are taking the more cautious role here.  It also suggests that Black Cat, Silver Sable, and other characters appearing in this Sony films are not characters that Feige and co. are all that worried about using.  So Sony does as they please as long as they don’t touch on things that would sour Marvel Studios ability to make good Spider-Man films.

Ultimately this film will tell us all a lot about what this Marvel/Sony relationship will look like in the long run.  In particular, the use of Gargan will be fascinating.  As of yet, Tom Holland is not supposed to appear in either Venom or Silver & Black but that obviously would change the game if he did.  Bottom line, it appears that Sony isn’t going totally reckless into this venture.  They are considering what Marvel Studios will want down the line.  And if this is all correct, Feige isn’t as distant from these projects as some have thought.

What do you think?  Is the MCU ready for an appearance by Norman Osborn?  Do you want these Sony films connected with the MCU or totally alone?  Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: That Hashtag Show