A Nova movie in the MCU has been an idea in fans’ mind for quite a long time now. In fact, ever since Guardians of the Galaxy came out and proved that cosmic stories work in the MCU, people all over the internet have been speculating when he would appear in Feige‘s vision. Nothing has ever been announced so far and all we got were some teases of him being tossed around according to James Gunn to be part of their cosmic expansion.

Now, we might have gotten a bit more light on the issue, while also adding a new name for the list of people we would love to see work with Marvel Studios once again. During a podcast sitdown, director Adam McKay, who co-wrote the script for Ant-Man alongside Paul Rudd, talked about his Marvel experience and his constant talks with the production studio.

I really enjoyed working with Kevin Feige. There’s a reason that guy is clicking. That guy has good taste. What a fun world over there. I’d definitely go back there and work.

After being asked about his favorite Marvel character, McKay surprisingly responded:

When I was in fourth or fifth grade, I got into Nova of all people. I think they’re kicking a Nova idea around.

That is far from any kind of confirmation, but given all the rumors and speculation concerning the character, it’s good to know Marvel is at the very least considering a solo Nova film. As of now, the future of the cosmic side of the MCU is uncertain, but knowing the studio is interested in expanding with new characters, there is a chance we could see some more rumors popping up in the near future as we enter Marvel Studios’ fourth phase.

Source: Happy Sad Podcast