When Wil Traval‘s casting in Jessica Jones was announced, there was very little we knew about his role other than the fact that he was a cop that took “protect and serve” very seriously. No name was ever revealed for his character, and the description for his role was rather vague leaving many to speculate that Traval’s role was one of the general cop role’s from Alias – possibly even the cop Jessica Jones ends up getting close with while on a case. But it’s beginning to look as though that may not be the case.

Over the weekend, Marvel finally confirmed the characters that both Carrie-Anne Moss and Traval are playing, and there were plenty of surprises regarding both. While The Wrap initially reported that Moss had been cast in the role of Harper in their official announcement, it was actually revealed that Moss was playing a gender-swapped version of Jeryn Hogarth, an Iron Fist character, bringing even more Iron Fist connections to the Marvel Netflix shows. However, while Moss’ character was surprising, it wasn’t nearly as surprising as the reveal that Traval was playing a character named Wil Simpson, a character based on “post-Vietnam War super-soldiers”. That may not seem that interesting, until you take into account there’s a Marvel character named Frank Simpson that matches the description of Traval’s Jessica Jones character.

Created for by Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli, Nuke (real name Frank Simpson) was a disturbed, cybernetically-altered ex-soldier notable for having an American flag tattooed on his face. Initially, Nuke was hired by Kingpin to exterminate Daredevil. He was part of a super-soldier program that enhanced his abilities. He can alter his adrenaline levels and strength with pills.

Even more interesting is that Traval took to Twitter this weekend and retweeted an article about his character possibly being Nuke, which he followed up with a single tweet neither confirming or denying the report.

With Jessica Jones set to hit Netflix in a little over a month, we’ll know soon enough if Traval’s character is that of Nuke or just one that shares similarities with the character.

Source: IGN.