The cast of Spider-Man: Far From Home continues to grow with the addition of 12 Strong and Aladdin actor Numan Acar, as reported by Deadline. The Turkish-born German actor joins the likes of MCU newbies Jake Gyllenhaal and JB Smoove, who joined the cast last week.

According to Deadline, Acar will be playing a character named Dimitri. Who or what Dimitri’s role in the sequel is unknown but Spidey fans know to associate the name Dimitri with Chameleon, one of the web-slingers earliest baddies in the comics. With a potential Sinister Six set-up in the film, adding another trickster like Chameleon to the mix would not only make for visually interesting antagonists in the film but it would streamline the introduction of Chameleon’s more recognizable brother and Spidey baddie, Kraven the Hunter. Of course, Acar could just end up playing one of the more dispensable henchmen in the film but we’re definitely hoping for something grander.

Source: Deadline