The Runaways had a lot of crazy things going on for it back when it started. It featured evil wizards, time-travelers, mafia bosses, alien warlords, mutants, a velociraptor and not the least of which, a group evil giant deities called the Gibborim. And with so much crazy things going on tonally and conceptually, fans wondered whether the Gibborim would even make the cut in the show. Well, we finally have the answer thanks to the Runaways booth over at New York Comic-Con.

So in case you missed out on the awesomeness that was the Runaways, the parents of the main characters were part of a secret evil cult called the Pride. These evil parents dedicated their lives to freeing the Gibborim, a group of giant Elder gods trapped in a different dimension hellbent on wiping out mankind.

These props were spotted inside the locker of Karolina, leading us to believe that her family may be the most dedicated of the bunch. In the comics, the Pride’s worship for the Gibborim was a clandestine affair that no one else ever knew. The fact that there are stickers and books dedicated to that belief and ideology could mean something different for these deities. Our editor Caleb thinks that the Church of the Gibborim may have been retooled into a Church of Scientology-esque cult; a shady religion very much in the public zeitgeist.

Regardless of how they turn out, whether we see giant beings (we’re crossing our fingers though) or not, the confirmation of their presence in the show is crazy exciting for us! The inclusion of these deities is a nice addition to the tapestry of divinities in the MCU.

Big thanks to our very own [Rhiannon] for snapping these images on the floor of New York Comic-Con. Make sure to follow her on Twitter For the latest updates!