Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. may have become one of the most Marvel shows they have ever produced. It entails elements from all across the Marvel mythology. It started off as a show about spies in a supernatural world. The second season ramped up the “super” aspect as it introduced the concept of Inhumans. The third season saw them move towards more galactic adventures, as Simmons was trapped on a planet. It was the fourth season that truly went into an interesting direction, as it introduced LMDs, a computer-generated alternate reality and gave us the mystical side with Ghost Rider.

Season 5 might somehow manage to top all of it as, after countless Star Wars references, Coulson and his team will be stuck in space as well. It is still unclear what may happen to our ragtag team of agents, but they will find themselves traveling through space in some capacity. Last time we saw them eating at a Diner before they were abducted by an even shadier organization than even SHIELD. Naturally, the theory was that this team was, in fact, S.W.O.R.D. from the comics, but at NYCC Marvel TV head Jeph Loeb confirmed that they will not make an appearance this season.

When it comes to more galactic adventures, many will think of Guardians of the Galaxy This made many try to imagine what type of aliens we can see take them on, especially with Marvel’s rich history when it comes to alien races. The recent footage from NYCC did tease some blue lizard-like aliens and that another character is wearing a “human-suit”. Loeb has now also confirmed that the Kree are set to return once again to the show.

This is great news, as with Inhumans airing on ABC until SHIELD takes over the Friday slot, more connections can be built up between the two shows on ABC. The Kree have a long history with the Inhumans, which would be interesting to explore as soon as they meet Quake. Perhaps this also opens up the possibility for a potential crossover between the shows.

What do you think of the news on SWORD and Kree? What other types of aliens do you hope to see?

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