New York Comic-Con has officially started! And to kick things off in the world of the MCU, our ever-reliable con-correspondent Brooklyn Wallace was able to hit up and take pictures of Hulu’s Runaways exhibit. Check out these images!

We know now that the school these kids go to is named Atlas Academy. I may be wrong on this but I don’t think it was ever specified in the comics where these kids went to school. The school has a logo resembling the Avengers icon and the name Atlas is probably a homage to Marvel’s former publication name, Atlas Comics.

The inside of the lockers is where it gets interesting. In it are several items and easter eggs pertaining to each kid’s unique personality. Being the geek he is, you got a bunch of books on calculus and a PS4 controller in Alex’s locker. The design of Karolina’s locker is aptly based on her crazy colorful powers in the comics. Chase is the Sporty Spice of the team so it isn’t surprising to see a hoodie for the school lacrosse team. There’s a burn mark somewhere on Chase’s locker, a likely nod to his fire gauntlets.

EDIT: The folks working the Runaways booth have explicitly pointed out that’s Nico and her sister in the picture and not the mom as we initially thought.

Nico probably has the most interesting locker of the bunch. Hers contains a bunch books on the occult and hermetic ingredients for some potion brewing. There’s also a picture of her and her sorceress mother (who may have appeared in Doctor Strange btw in a yet-to-be canonized cameo). The press release for the Runaways describes Gert as a ‘riot grrrl/social justice warrior’ and her locker pretty much affirms that notion. Judging the playbills for her Arsenic and Old Lace productions (a lovely nod to her codename in the comics), this Gert seems to be an aspiring playwright. Also, check out that awesome raptor claw!

Last but not the least is Molly’s kiddie-themed locker. She’s the bubbliest and “most positive” on the group and the contents of her locker is a great representation of that. Being the youngest of the group, it makes for her to be the most “confined” in the group to the student life, also evidenced by her post-its on the locker. Overall, the folks behind Hulu did a kickass job creating a fun exhibit for the show. Makes us even more hyped for their panel tomorrow!

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