With the success of Daredevil‘s first season, plenty of fans were eager to get a look at Marvel’s second Netflix series, Jessica Jones, while also getting the chance to see the cast of Daredevil reunited on stage. Something that was made evident by the large crowd that had gathered to try to secure a wristband for the panel as soon as doors opened on Saturday morning. We actually had a contributor at the convention that was a part of the massive line, you can see his photo of some of the crowd below.

Unfortunately, because of how massive the line was, wristbands went quickly, leaving plenty of hopeful fans (including our contributor) disappointed. But the panel wasn’t the only event Marvel had planned for fans on Saturday.

Prior to the huge panel, both the Daredevil cast and the Jessica Jones cast gathered at the Marvel booth to do a signing for fans that’d been lucky enough to score tickets. For most of the Daredevil cast, this was a return to the convention that helped launch the show’s first season, while this was an entirely new experience for the cast of Jessica Jones who found themselves welcomed with open arms by excited fans anxiously awaiting the show’s release next month.

The Jessica Jones cast also stopped by both the New York Comic Con Live stage, as well as Marvel Live to support the show before the panel, and surprisingly, it was during one of these interviews where we got our biggest piece of the news of the day. We finally found out who Carrie-Anne Moss is playing in Jessica Jones, and it isn’t a character named Harper.

The reveal of Moss’ character is a surprising one, mainly because of the character’s ties to Iron Fist, a character that still has yet to be cast. This is now the second show to include ties to Iron Fist, as Daredevil teased Iron Fist villain, The Steel Serpent during its first season.

Speaking of Iron Fist… one of the most exciting things to happen during New York Comic Con on Saturday was probably being able to see most of the Defenders gathered together! While we know that Mike Colter will first debut as Luke Cage in Jessica Jones prior to starring in his own show, as of right now, there’s no confirmation that Charlie Cox will make an appearance in the first season of Jessica Jones as Matt Murdock/Daredevil. Which is why it’s exciting to see them all together in a single photograph, even if we’re still missing a certain Defender – Danny Rand/Iron Fist.

Kind of having a moment of way too much excitement #daredevil #jessicajones #lukecage #nycc

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When it came to the panel, most fans expected it to focus mainly on Jessica Jones with the show’s premiere only a month away, but Marvel managed to devote an even amount of time to both Jessica Jones and Daredevil.

As many know, Daredevil is currently filming its second season in New York and they’ve added both Frank Castle/Punisher (Jon Bernthal) and Elektra (Elodie Yung) to the cast. So it wasn’t too surprising that the little bit of new footage they showed during the panel focused mainly on teasing the arrival of both fan-favorite characters in the second season.(Note: The footage has leaked, but we will not be posting it here.)

Marvel then moved onto the Jessica Jones portion of the panel, bringing out the entire cast – minus David Tennant (Killgrave/The Purple Man) who wasn’t able to attend as he was working on a play. After a short Q&A session and a video from Tennant, many assumed Marvel would reveal a trailer for Jessica Jones, followed by a few clips, much like they did with Daredevil the year prior. None of that happened, however, as Marvel and Netflix opted instead to screen the first episode in its entirety for the fans at the panel.

The feedback for the first episode of Jessica Jones has been incredible so far, with fans going on to praise Krysten Ritter‘s portrayal as the titular character, as well as Mike Colter as Luke Cage. (Sources 1 & 2.)

Given the source material, it’s not entirely surprising that Jessica Jones is one of the darkest – if not the darkest – project to be introduced into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Still, it’s exciting to hear that they’ve managed to capture both the character and the story and deliver something that is sure to leave fans wanting more in the end.

As of right now, Marvel has not released a trailer for Jessica Jones, a surprising move given the screening of the first episode at the convention. But with nothing planned for Sunday other than a Marvel Unlimited panel, it’s very possible that they’ll go ahead and [finally] release the trailer online. Fingers crossed!