Earlier today, it was revealed during the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. panel at New York Comic-Con that show would be returning to our TV screens on December 1st, kicking the season off with a whopping 2-hour premiere! If that wasn’t enough to excite the hell out of you, these details regarding the 20-minute premiere episode preview, courtesy of our very own Caleb Borchers, might do the trick.


  • Their shady kidnappers from the end of Season 4 are revealed to be aliens.

  • Fitz is the only agent from Coulson’s team to be left on Earth.

  • The space station Coulson and the agents are stranded in are filled with aliens. Our boy Caleb says they’re referred to as “roaches.” Blue creatures with long tails that walk on all fours and climb walls. Full CGI.

  • Some time travel/displacement is hinted. The aliens are fully aware who Coulson and his team are, backstory and all. Caleb says the SHIELD agents are somewhat regarded as legendary heroes of sorts.

  • There’s a new mysterious character whose mask resembles Star Lord’s mixed with Iron Man’s helmet.

  • An obelisk resembling the Season 3 monolith is present in the episode as well. Caleb describes it as “a white monolith that functions like the black one, but with three red stripes. Very high sci-fi concept feel to that scene.” The scene implies that it’s the device that transports them to the space station.

  • A fight breaks out. Yo-Yo, Mack, and Quake all kickass. May is impaled somewhere else on the ship.

  • The clip had a very “horror/sci-fi vibe. bloodier than most previous episodes” as per Caleb.

Pardon the French but holy fucking shit! This episode sounds crazy awesome. Aliens. Weird time travel implications. It definitely seems that they are going all out for this season. These descriptions raise a lot of fun and interesting questions about the show. Like why is Fitz the only one stuck on Earth? Why do these aliens look to the team as legends? Are they still even in the same year as us? Why can’t this show premiere now?!

What do you think of these descriptions? Let us know in the comments below!