Marvel TV has had an interesting way of teasing the famous Deinonychus Old Lace. At first, it was unclear if we will see the dinosaur make an appearance, as it would have been a budgetary question. A lot of money was invested for a CGI version of Lockjaw to be part of the Inhumans TV show on ABC. The creative team behind Iron Fist went out of their way to avoid showing the eternal-living dragon to avoid losing most of their budget. Luckily, it seems that they found a way to make it work.

Old Lace will be a part of the show and according to an interview with Gert actress Ariela Barer revealed that her character will have the telepathic connection with the Deinonychus. She will be played by six puppeteers, who make this practical effect possible. The actress revealed that she was amazed how realistic the puppet was and that she cried after their first scene. The actress also reveals a bit more about what we can expect from her new friend.

“When she’s around, it’s a party. They will fall in love. She’s so talented”

The characters of Gert and Old Lace can share each other’s emotions. In the comics, the character was shown to be quite smart and followed the others around without any problem. It seems that they will try and give her a very playful personality, which could give her an interesting dynamic with the other members of this ragtag team of runways. The creation of a practical effect to give the character life is a great move, as it means we will get to see quite a bit of her. Going by the trend shown by Inhumans, we might get our hands on some Old Lace plushies at some point.

Are you looking forward to seeing Old Lace in action?

Source: The Mary Sue