2018 might prove to be quite a big year for Marvel Television, as they are not only continuing their existing shows like Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and their Netflix line-up. Technically, the TV season starts with 2017’s September, which means that we will see InhumansCloak and DaggerRunaways and New Warriors hitting the small screen. It is understandable if it becomes a bit difficult to keep an overview of everything that is heading our direction. As we near the various releases, we also get some more information on what these shows will entail for viewers.

Ever since we saw the trailer for Cloak and Dagger, we actually have not heard much from Freeform’s brand new Marvel show. Now, leading actress, Olivia Holt, who will play Dagger, has offered a bit more insight into the production and the challenges of her playing the character as part of HuffPo’s The Tea newsletter.

I am really looking forward to everyone seeing it. It’s a really honest show, and even though it’s about two superheroes, it really brings this truth behind kids who grow up in a broken home. Now, moving onto other roles and darker material, it’s giving me a chance to expand my range.

The series has been described as a teen drama, which will try to talk about some rather heavy topics. It fits closer in tone to what Marvel TV is attempting with The Defenders, as it is about unlikely people that somehow find themselves thrust into heroics they did not expect. Taking a look at a world full of heroics and how it affects teenagers is a rather interesting topic to discuss, as it makes these two stand out quite a bit from other heroes. Holt certainly promises that comic readers and regular viewers will certainly enjoy the new show.

“For the audience who doesn’t know about the comic, I think they’re really going to love it. And for the audience that grew up reading the comics, I think they’re going to love it even more.”

It is certain interesting to see how many elements from the comics will make it into the production. So far, the only thing confirmed to make an appearance is Roxxon that made an appearance in the first trailer released for the production. Outside of that, not much is known of how many references we can expect, as the trailer does not highlight the MCU connection. It also seems like it was quite a change for Holt to play in this series, as she left Disney behind to start working for another part of Disney. It will certainly be interesting to see what we can expect from the upcoming show and the actress seems quite happy with that fact.

Are you looking forward to the new Marvel show? What references do you want to see happen?

Source: HuffPo’s The Tea via JustJaredJr.com