Looks like Scarlet Johansson‘s Black Widow has added one more actor, as bodybuilder Olivier Richters has joined the cast in an undisclosed role. There aren’t any details outside of an official post by the actor on Instagram that reveals that he has been a part of the production for the last three weeks. The picture shared alongside the post is confirmed not to be from his role so sadly cannot really pinpoint who exactly he may be playing. Still, Richters is known as the Dutch Giant and is an avid bodybuilder. What makes him stand out, even more, is also the fact that he is 7’2 ft which makes him quite an imposing figure.

As he states in his Instagram post, he only really started acting back in January so his career has seen quite the development since and it is exciting to see Marvel Studios give a rather new actor a role in one of their big Phase 4 films. While we don’t know what role he is going to play or how large it is going to be, there is a good chance he either will play a character that works for David Harbour‘s Red Guardian or Taskmaster. His size would make him a perfect candidate to portray Crimson Dynamo, an Iron Man character that was kind of combined with Whiplash back in Iron Man 2. Perhaps he is a successor to the Red Guardian title that trained under Alexei Shostakov and was sent out to take in Black Widow. One thing is for sure, he will be hard to miss when he first shows up on the screen.

Who do you think he could end up playing?

Source: Instagram