Yesterday’s news from the folks at that Ego the Living Planet would appear in next year’s Guardians of the Galaxy, Volume 2 set the nerd news cycle on fire with reports and speculation. While many pieces were quick to label Ego as the villain of the Cosmic sequel, we aren’t quite so certain.

While Ego is an incredibly interesting character, it’s debatable whether or not he can, or should, antagonize the Guardians in the second film. In our team conversation, it was overwhelmingly clear that Ego may better serve the narrative as a plot device, potentially helping further open the door to the greater Cosmic beings in the MCU and that the original article’s comment about him making “an appearance” may have been misconstrued.

Back in 2014, shortly before the release of Guardians of the Galaxy, director James Gunn told Badass Digest (now Birth.Movies.Death) that while his team were all super-powered individuals, they were just normal citizens of the galaxy and that there were “characters like Thanos involved, and then there are characters bigger than that. Suddenly these mortals are playing in the fields of gods. I always find that a very interesting thing.” Then he introduced us, briefly, to two Celestials and left hints as to the origins of the universe, leaving the door cracked just enough to potentially let the Cosmic Abstracts (Infinity, Eternity, Death and Entropy) in down the road.

So where does Ego fit into all of this? Well, our best guess is that Ego will serve as a convenient plot device, adding some exposition to fill in some blank spaces in the history of the MCU. Perhaps Ego will, in some way, serve as a gateway to further knowledge of the great Cosmic beings to which Gunn referred. A living, talking planet (potentially voiced by Kevin Bacon or even living legend Al Pacino, with whom Gunn has expressed a desire to work) is certainly too much for James Gunn to ignore entirely (and something to which we are looking quite forward), he doesn’t seem to fit the bill for the film’s main antagonist. Having said that, we were all very excited about the potential of Gunn getting his hands on the character and are hopeful that we’ll see a chase scene along the surface of Ego, calling back to John Byrne‘s Fantastic Four run or paying homage to the Millennium Falcon exogorth escape in the Hoth asteroid belt scene in Empire Strikes Back.

Whatever the case, it’s incredibly exciting to think about just how weird Marvel Studios is letting James Gunn get with the sequel. Regardless of how Ego is used, if the rumor does in fact turn out to be accurate, just having him in the film shows how confident they are in Gunn’s ability to continue to expand the Cosmic side of things and make another great film!

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