As casting for Marvel’s The Punisher begins, we’ve found out that the studio is likely looking to cast an actor in the role of Microchip, otherwise known as David Lieberman. Micro is somewhat of a sidekick to The Punisher, providing him with weapons and gear, as well as intelligence gained from his years as a top-notch computer hacker. Microchip is similar to Frank Castle in the fact that he hates crime and those that commit it, and is perfectly comfortable waging a war on it. Their biggest difference, however, is that Microchip doesn’t approve of killing, whereas the Punisher sees no fault in it, as long as the victim deserves it.

Microchip’s character is one that is morally grey, eventually switching from being a friend of The Punisher to being a foe. The character also has to have some physical prowess, as Microchip’s skills occasionally rival Castle’s. The character is often depicted as slightly overweight, balding, wearing several rings and yellow-tinted aviator glasses, and often in a Hawaiian-style shirt. A good-hearted man from a fairly normal family, Microchip is haunted by the death of his nephew, who was caught in the cross-fire when following in his super-hacker uncle’s footsteps.

With that being said, here is our list of actors that we think could play Microchip:

Timothy Spall


Spall is an English actor, who has become known for playing eccentric and noticeable character in films like the Harry Potter franchise, Sweeny Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, and the critically acclaimed Mr. Turner. Spall is on the older side, but in past roles, he’s exemplified the physical shape of Microchip, and his incredible range could certainly come in handy when trying to create a memorable, side-switching character.

Bryan Cranston


Another character actor with incredible range, Cranston has been rumored for a villainous role in a Marvel movie since the end of Breaking Bad. Cranston can certainly play the conflicted and broken individual with a unique, albeit blurry, set of morals, which is exactly who Microchip is. Also, if you have any doubt that Cranston could look the part, just take a look at him in both The Infiltrator and All The Way.

Liev Schreiber

CV4HxvMU4AAdn_P Schreiber has been in a Marvel property before, playing Sabretooth in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, so his addition to the MCU is somewhat unlikely, but his acting prowess has been proved in films like Spotlight. Liev also has the ability to physically transform, as showcased in Lee Daniel’s The Butler. Live has proved that he can play both reserved and violent in several of the roles on his resume.

John Goodman


Goodman, who has a background in comedic acting has recently proved that his range moves far beyond just comedy. With characters like Monsters Inc’s Sully and O Brother, Where Art Thou’s Ulysses Everett McGill under his belt, it’s easy to see how Goodman could adapt to one like Microchip, and he has a flair for playing characters that are more than meets the eye. Goodman would be especially great in the role if he looks anything like his characters in The Big Lebowski or The Hangover III.

Danny McBride


Dylan McBride, an actor known mainly for his comedic roles, looks more like Microchip than anyone else on this list. Already embodying the physical appearance of the character will certainly give him a leg up, but also having a surprising range when it come to dark, odd-ball characters might make him the perfect choice for the role.

Sean Bean


Sean Bean has spent his entire career playing rough-around-the-edges characters like Microchip, and has been known to play fan favorite characters. Already having been introduced to the world of sci-fi/fantasy in Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones, Bean would be the perfect addition to the MCU, and likely a very strong choice for Microchip. Hopefully, if Bean is cast, this will be one of his more noteworthy performances where he doesn’t die.

Wildcard Pick – Common

120817_common_ap_328 Marvel has become known for the occasional overhaul of a character, and although it doesn’t always go over well with audiences, the character of Microchip might be the perfect opportunity to try again. If Marvel were to take the character in a completely different direction, the studio could choose to make Microchip a, younger, hipper, and more suave person than his comic book counterpart. Microchip serves a purpose similar to Batman’s Alfred, or James Bond’s Q, so the studio might as well adapt the character to fit the role a bit differently. Changing the character this way would only highlight the differences between Microchip and The Punisher, which play a significant role in their relationship, and in movies like Selma, Common has proved that he is deserving of his seven BET award nominations, and is more than just another musician-turned-actor. Common has also been known to occasionally transform for roles, such as that in Run All Night, making it possible that he can physically adapt to the role of Microchip. Think of it as a “Kiera-Knightly-as-Deadpool” type casting.

Who would you like to see in the role of Microchip? Do you like our choices? Let us know below!