There has long been this idea that Marvel Studios works similarly to a dictatorship, where no matter who starts working for them, it is always their way or the highway. There are a couple of examples where directors working with Marvel clashed, such as Edgar Wright leaving Ant-Man before it started or Alan Taylor voicing how much he disliked working with the studio, but for the most part Marvel has knocked it out of the park with their directors. The important thing to note is that these problems happened early on for Marvel, and Marvel Studios is still only about a decade old.

With Phase 3 now beginning, it is a new era for the studio, where it looks like Marvel has reshaped how they are going about the creative process. It started earlier this year when Kevin Feige got promoted, a move that saw Ike Perlmutter moved to Marvel Televsion – no longer given any power over the creative process of the movies. Marvel has assembled an intriguing group of directors to build out Phase 3 with the likes of Joe and Anthony Russo, Scott Derrickson, James Gunn, Jon Watts, Taika Waititi, Peyton Reed, and Ryan Coogler. In order to keep them all on the same page, they have built the Marvel Bullpen. Birth.Movies.Death. recently chronicled the new look behind the scenes at Marvel and how all the directors work with earshot of each other. Here is what a few of the director’s told BMD about the new process,

Reed: One of the nice aspects of working at Marvel is the interaction with the other directors and writers. In Hollywood, directors don’t always hang out with each other. We’re generally too self-absorbed, egotistical and focused on our own things. So it’s cool to see Taika {Waititi} or Scott {Derrickson} in the hallway and talk about whatever. It’s fun to have a meal with James {Gunn} and discuss what we’re doing. It’s awesome to have Ryan Coogler in the office next to mine. It taps into that Marvel Bullpen fantasy for me.

Anthony Russo: We are constantly interacting with everyone because we’re doing these movies that inherit so much of what they have done, or that may affect what they’re going to do. Interfacing becomes more and more important, especially as Marvel starts to do more movies per year. The soup is getting thick.

With the directors working closely together, it should not be a surprise that they have developed a good relationship. This was proven even more when a few of the directors had a fun exchange on Twitter recently. It is all thanks to Waititi, the director of Thor: Ragnarok, reaching out to Gunn and Reed about the number of explosions Marvel movies are mandated to have. This back and forth between the three of them shows just how tight of a group Marvel has moving into Phase 3.

Sure, this is just all fun and games for the directors, but with Feige in charge he is clearly making an effort to have great talent that can work together within the universe. The more they communicate with each other, the more the movies will feel connected. Feige will clearly still have his input and make sure the movies are connected, but if everyone is on the same page, those involved should be more willing to rework part of their movie if it is for the gain of the MCU. Once Marvel finally announces the director for Captain Marvel, I’m sure they will be welcomed with open arms into this new Marvel Bullpen.