When the Marvel and Netflix deal was originally announced back in 2013, many assumed we’d see one season of each series, followed by The Defenders. The potential for shows to be renewed for multiple seasons was something that was rather up in the air. Until Daredevil season one launched and proved to be a success, that is. The first season of Daredevil hit the streaming service on April 10th, 2015, to both fan & critical acclaim, so it wasn’t entirely surprising that it was renewed for a second season on April 21st, 2015. (Although, the fact that season would hit in 2016 was surprising.) That’s a wait time of eleven days between launch and renewal.

So, what the heck is going on with Jessica Jones season two? That’s a question we as a site have been asking for some time now. If you’ve read our reviews for the first season, you’ll know that we thoroughly enjoyed the series and were hopeful we’d see a renewal announcement shortly after as was the case with Daredevil. That, of course, didn’t happen. It’s a bit strange, especially when you consider the fact that the response for Jessica Jones was even more positive than the highly rated Daredevil. And going off the recently reported ratings, it clearly performed well on the service. So what is the hold up?

It could be a number of things, but the most logical reason is that, due to the original contract, which only called for four thirteen episode series and a team-up mini-series, plans for a second season of Jessica Jones are currently on hold until the other shows are complete. As it stands, the first season of Luke Cage is approximately halfway through production, and Iron Fist is currently in pre-production, with casting well underway. This would suggest that The Defenders will be heading into production near the end of the year, making it rather difficult for Krysten Ritter to return for a second season of Jessica Jones until production finishes on that.

Still, I would have expected some sort of announcement on a second season, even if it were to get pushed into 2017, by this point. There’s been no official acknowledgment by the Netflix team, and even showrunner Melissa Rosenberg seems unsure of a season two. Which seems to indicate that official talks haven’t even begun between the two.

With Netflix set to take the stage this Sunday as part of the TCAs, it’s safe to say we can expect some sort of comment regarding a possible season two of Jessica Jones. Until then, I suppose we’ll just have to re-watch the first season again and again and again.

The fantastic first season of Jessica Jones is currently available to stream on Netflix.