Jessica Jones has been out in the world for over seven months, but still has people buzzing. After the season one premiere on Netflix last fall, the series has not only achieved critical success, but has also won a Peabody Award for entertainment – a first for a comic book show. Fans are having to wait a while to get the second season of the show, which will start filming after Jessica (portrayed by Krysten Ritter) joins the other Marvel superheroes on Netflix for The Defenders.

Show-runner Melissa Rosenburg has said that season two will hopefully give Jessica a day off, allowing the secondary characters on the show a chance to shine. With such a rich cast of supporting characters, we decided to take a look at what might be coming for those people helping keep Jessica Jones alive and somewhat sane in season two.

Trish Walker

Jessica-and-TrishRachael Taylor‘s Trish Walker was badass from the beginning of Jessica Jones. While her namesake from the comics has the alter ego of Hellcat – in the more grounded Netflix corner of the MCU, where Wilson Fisk went a whole season before the word “Kingpin” was uttered, it’s unlikely that she will ever be referred to by that name. With her heroics in season one, it’s possible that her conversion to super-hero has already occurred, with room in her future to find ways to help people without Jessica.

When we last saw Trish, she was studying the IGH files, which provide the background on Jessica’s powers. Trish may come up with good information and do some digging on her own before bringing that information to Jessica. Maybe her digging take her along her own dangerous journey, much like Karen, in Daredevil.

Malcolm Ducasse

MalcolmWho doesn’t love Eka Darville‘s Malcolm DuCasse after watching season one? The character, completely different than the Jessica Jones fanboy on which he was based, gradually worked his way into Jessica’s life, and into our hearts. We know that we will see Jessica’s neighbor next in The Defenders, in which Darville has said he will be involved, but it’s hard to tell just what he’ll be doing when that series comes around. As it stands, when we last saw DuCasse, he was answering the phone for Alias Investigations. How much will Jessica let him be a part of her practice?

Malcolm was good enough at spying on Jessica that, even while high as a kite, he was able to provide pictures to Kilgrave without her noticing. Perhaps he will be able to do some spy work, himself. With Jessica flooded by calls for people wanting her to use her powers to help, Malcolm could become the true private investigator, or at least an equal to Jessica at Alias Investigations. Hopefully he will continue to be a shining light of hope in a universe that holds lots of gloom.

Will Simpson


While the name “Nuke” was never uttered in season one of Jessica Jones, Will Simpson’s arc definitely provided an origin story for the villain known as Nuke in the comics. Will Traval‘s portrayal of Simpson took him from a cop with a guilty conscious to a raging warrior through the use of experimental military medication. Even though he and Trish aren’t an item any more, we could expect to see him pop back up in not-so-friendly ways.


RobynFor a character that didn’t even get a last name, Robyn, portrayed by Colby Minifie, had depth and evolution. On her own for the first time, ever, there are many directions for this character to go. If she doesn’t already have a mental illness, it’s not hard to believe that one might be brewing. When we first met Robyn, she was constantly yelling at her brother. By the end of the season, she was alone and somewhat tender. Perhaps she could be the woman that ends up with disassociative identity disorder (multiple personalities) and takes on the persona of Typhoid Mary. You may remember me also hinting the idea of Marci Stahl (from Daredevil) becoming Typhoid Mary, but after a re-watch of Jessica Jones, I’ve decided that Robyn is very well set-up to flip a switch between being a kind and gentle person to lighting our heroes on fire.

Jeri Hogarth

Jeri We have already seen the return of Carrie Ann Moss in her role as Jeri Hogarth in season two of Daredevil. And it’s possible that her character will fall just below Brett Mahoney and Claire Temple with the number of cross-overs in the Netflix shows, as she is confirmed to be appearing in Iron Fist.

Hogarth’s involvement in Iron Fist is no surprise, as her character is based on Jeryn Hogarth in the Iron Fist comics. It’s possible that we will see her take on a role more associated with Danny Rand than Jessica Jones. However, by the time Jessica Jones season two premieres, Danny and Jessica should know each other, and have worked, if not gone through extreme trauma, together. Still, with the attention her character is sure to have in Iron Fist, we aren’t expecting her to have too much of a story in Jessica Jones.

On the other hand, Hogarth now has two Daredevil characters working at her firm: Marci Stahl and Foggy Nelson. At this point, I would watch a a whole series of what happens within that firm, just to see more of those characters.

No matter what lies ahead for the supporting cast of Jessica Jones, all of the characters introduced in season one were worthy of more screen time. In fact, some stronger B-plots with the secondary characters can improve the series that has already gotten high praise. What supporting cast member are you hoping to see more of in season two of Jessica Jones? Let us know in the comments!