This has been the first week in quite some time where there was no new addition to the MCU world. Sure, Captain America: Civil War is still in theaters, but with Agents of S.H.I.E.l.D.‘s third season finishing up last week, there was no new content for fans to watch. We were hopeful that this would be the first summer that Marvel would have a television show airing during the summer slot, but that never came close to being a reality. In fact, instead of getting more network television programs from Marvel, we are going to be getting less than anticipated. ABC has recently canceled Agent Carter after two seasons and officially passed on Marvel’s Most Wanted earlier this month, but did not announce any new properties in development or the status of already announced series.

Just to recap, ABC’s Freeform will be launching Cloak and Dagger sometime next year. We also know that John Ridley is developing a show that is very much still alive, a second comedy is in the works, and Damage Control has received a put-pilot commitment meaning ABC has to make a pilot or pay a penalty. We expected to hear news on some of these series during the recent ABC Upfronts, but since we did not, you have to question if these series are still possible to happen. Since it is now likely that some, if not all, of these series will be viewable on your television screen, we have decided to suggest some new directions Marvel could go.


She-HulkOne of the reasons that ABC could have passed on Most Wanted is due to the similarity it has with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Arguably the biggest television genre is crime drama and making one set within the Marvel universe with “Hulk” in the title would certainly grab viewers attention. Now, She-Hulk would certainly require a bigger budget in order to make the transformations look good enough, but I want a series focused on her day-to-day life as a lawyer where she occasionally hulks out. This could be a candidate for Ridley’s project, but no matter how it gets made, it would seem to me to be a great fit on ABC. Bring on Angie Harmon, Eliza Dushku, or Nina Dobrev to play Jennifer Walters and I’d be happy.

Blade: The Hunter

55a2bd37ab14dJust this week, Wesley Snipes has once again talked about his desire to return as Blade, but this time within the MCU. This will likely never happen, but with Doctor Strange introducing the underworld to the MCU later this year, vampires would not be that big of a stretch. Marvel was planning a comic reboot of the character with Blade’s daughter, Fallon Grey, taking over the mantle that ultimately has been delayed. Whether the comic does or does not happen, the concept could make for an interesting TV series. It could work on either ABC or Freeform, but with CW having success with shows like Vampire Diaries and The Originals, Freeform could be a better fit, depending on how mature the show is. Ideally, I’d love to see Kat Graham take on the role and they could even work Snipes in for a cameo to mentor his daughter one final time.

Squirrel Girl

Unbeatable-Squirrel-Girl_612x380_0It seems like there is no character as strange or loved as Squirrel Girl at the moment. Her unique set of abilities and looks would definitely set the series apart from not only other comic television properties, but all of television general. I’m sure there is a large number of people that want to see her on the big screen, but due to her popularity now, making her a smaller character within the universe could serve her better. Either platform could work, but putting the property on Freeform could allow the show to continue with sub par ratings while keeping her a young heroine.

Wonder Man

New_Avengers_Annual_Vol_2_1_TextlessRecent set photos from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 showed posters with Simon Williams’ name plastered on them and Nathan Fillion portraying the character. It appears that these photos are from the modern day, and although it is likely just a fun Easter egg, Marvel should not stop there. Fillion had been the star of Castle, but with it now being canceled, and him always being among the top of any fan cast for any superhero character, Marvel should keep him around in the role. A Wonder Man series would be awesome, and with Fillion in the lead, you know plenty of eyes would follow him to his next project.

Avengers Academy

avengers-academyThis suggestion is highly unlikely due to just how connected the series would likely have to be the larger MCU, but if ABC wants a real hit, a show with Avengers in the title would do just that. Avengers Academy is the title of a current mobile game, but also a previous comic run that would be a somewhat easy adaptation. I would suggest making Tigra and Speedball be the leaders/teachers of the new recruits, and after the events of Civil War, the Avengers could certainly use more members. The series could easily be a classroom style show where the young recruits are dealing with learning what it means to be a hero, but if it was accepted and loved, it could actually lead to real crossovers between the universe. Heck, with Daisy on leave from S.H.I.E.L.D. and her reputation growing, she could be a potential teacher, or student. Oh, and the villain would be Taskmaster in this hypothetical series and Fran Kranz playing Speedball.

Those are my suggestions for future Marvel television properties, but there are certainly more possibilities. Let us know what you would want to see in the comments below!