Looks like this year’s Oscars will be quite a special one, as there might be a chance that instead of having one host, the Academy is hoping to have as many of the cast members from Marvel Studios Avengers franchise present at the Oscars as possible. Originally, Kevin Hart was announced as the host but backed down due to controversy. This would make it one of the most star-studded groups to host one of cinema’s most iconic events. This isn’t the first time that they appeared at the Oscar’s as a group, as in 2013 there was a telecast featuring Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo, Jeremy Renner, and Samuel L. Jackson onstage. Now, the Marvel Cinematic Universe franchise consists of such a large cast of major actors that this could be a great opportunity to bring everyone together. This would certainly highlight how many actors are involved with this year’s Blockbuster Avengers: Endgame.

Moreover, the Oscars will air on February 24th on Disney’s own ABC network. This is the network’s chance to draw in a large audience, especially if they also market the upcoming films like Endgame and Captain Marvel. There hasn’t been an official word by the Academy as of now but we will see if this project comes together. It would also be funny to see some of the actors show up in costume or pay tribute to their roles. In 2009, Hugh Jackman opened the Oscars with a musical number while hosting, so they might organize something if they can get the Avengers cast together.

This could also play a significant role in how The Academy approaches the topic of superhero films, especially after Black Panther left its marks in cinemas last year. Also, Marvel Studios would have a chance to bring everyone together one last time before some of the veteran actors, whose contracts end after Endgame, come together one last time. It would be a nice tribute to fans, who have been wishing for such a moment like when they promoted the original Avengers at SDCC with its full line-up.

Do you think we will see the Avengers host the Oscars? What would you want to see happen?

Source: Hollywood Reporter, National Public Radio, YouTube