Patience is a quality most fandoms do not have. More often than not, they can get really persistent, to the point of annoying the creators. Case in point, this Avengers: Infinity War trailer that fans have been crying for since they teased it back in SDCC in July. Fans pestered the Russos so much that they took to Instagram to troll them back. Granted, we’re weeks overdue from the usual mid-October premiere date of trailers for films premiering in May but still, them fans crazy hungry! And these new comments from Paul Bettany and Sebastian Stan about the trailer surely aren’t going to ease their patience anytime soon because these two MCU stars described it at a recent convention as “badass” and “amazing.”

“Almost every scene is epic,” Sebastian Stan said about the much-awaited Avengers film. With Thor: Ragnarok out of the way, them visionary folks at Marvel Studios can finally begin their marketing push for Avengers: Infinity War, alongside Black Panther. We’ve all watched and digested that sizzle reel they put together for SDCC and word on the street is that this new one Bettany is describing is a completely different trailer. If a super blurry cropped bootlegged trailer blew us all away, we can’t imagine what it’s going to feel like once they drop the actual trailer. Any time now folks!

Source: Adventures In Poor Taste