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Paul Bettany, who made his live action debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe this past summer with Avengers: Age of Ultron, recently attended the 2015 AsiaPOP Comic Convention where they unveiled the Captain America: Civil War trailer for a room full of lucky fans. (You can read the full breakdown of the trailer by one of our contributors over here.) Along with the trailer reveal, Bettany was also on hand for a special Q&A where he joked about his relationship with the Marvel cast, him being worthy of ruling Asgard, and whether or not he’d be able to to defeat Iron Man. While he joked throughout most of the panel, Bettany did touch on his character’s allegiance in Civil War and what leads to him making that choice.

When the concept art leaked for Civil War, revealing the team line-ups going into the film, fans automatically noticed a big difference between the two. While Cap’s team was full of heavy hitters, Iron Man’s team was no doubt the stronger team, especially with the addition of Bettany’s Vision. Some assumed it was due to loyalty on Vision’s end, but while talking about his character’s choice to align with Tony, Bettany mentioned that it was a logical choice for the character – noting that Vision’s dangerous because he can be swayed by logic rather than loyalty.

You mentioned in the Captain America: Civil War panel that The Vision was a little bit naïve, so why did he side with Tony during Civil War. Is it because of loyalty to Tony or is he able to think for himself — why is he there?

Logic. I don’t think he knows anything about loyalty yet I think he’s trying to learn. He’s on his own journey and that journey is a process of learning what being human is and what love is. The interesting and slightly dangerous thing about The Vision is because he works entirely logical, until he discovers what is to be human or to love, his allegiance can flip if it’s logical, if he thinks the outcome is correct. So that’s what’s sort of dangerous with The Vision.

Captain America: Civil War will hit movie theaters on May 6th, 2016.

Source: G/ST.