WandaVision is probably a personal favorite of the upcoming Disney+ series. Every announced show has its charm but this one sticks out for how crazy it might be. It will focus on Wanda as she tries to bring back her beloved Vision. However, as one would expect from a superhero story, not everything goes as planned. She ends up back together with Vision but in a strange universe that functions like an old sitcom. This is all we know about the show but it has been teased to be a rather psychedelic experience. In an interview with Kevin Smith over at IMDb, Paul Bettany once again confirmed that this will be Marvel Studios’ craziest project.

To make it even sweeter, it seems we will get our first look much sooner than originally expected. It makes sense, as WandaVision will release a year earlier to join Falcon & The Winter Soldier. These shows will be Kevin Feige‘s first foray into long-term storytelling. As such, he might go all out to showcase what potential this new format may offer. Moreover, Disney+ needs some major releases. Since the release of The Mandalorian, the streaming service mainly focused on child-friendly productions. It is a given with their main target audience being families but there has been a bit of a void that needs filling. Marvel Studios’ upcoming shows are definitely going to do exactly that but they won’t release until later this year. So, to help build up more anticipation, we might get some early teases throughout the year to build-up towards it. That first trailer will have to sell the world on the bonkers story that WandaVision will provide and personally, I just cannot wait to see it.

What do you think? Are you just as excited to see WandaVision?

Source: Twitter