Avengers: Age of Ultron is less than a week away for those of us in the states, but that’s not the only movie Marvel has planned for this summer. 2 months later Ant-Man will have the daunting task of following up the Avengers sequel in July. MTV was able to sit down and talk (mostly joke) with Paul Rudd who will be playing Scott Lang in the upcoming film. Most of the interview is the 2 guys joking around, but near the end they do discuss appearances after Ant-Man and it looks like there is certainly something in the works.

Captain America: Civil War and either parts of Avengers: Infinity War are the likely candidates, but with Marvel’s knack at surprising us, he could end up anywhere in Phase 3. A few of us have speculated that they could sneak in an Ant-Man 2 in Phase 3 if the movie is a hit like Guardians of the Galaxy as they’ve been more than willing to shuffle things around on both the Feature and Netflix side of things. Only time will tell. Where do you think we’ll see Ant-Man pop up next? Sound off in the comments below.

Source: MTV