We still have Captain Marvel and Avengers 4 to watch before a new Spidey solo film arrives at our theaters but as production for the movie goes on, we’re starting to get some insight into what Spider-Man: Far From Home might look like. Just this week we learned that Remy Hii had been cast in an unknown role for the movie and now, we have a new video from the set. A set video taken by Reddit user /u/BDizzleCOYS was uploaded today on the site that showed a scene being filmed at the London Stanstead airport in England. The footage shows Tom Holland‘s Peter Parker exiting the airport and reuniting with Aunt May. Check the video out in the link!

Spidey filming in London Airport from marvelstudios

It’s difficult to say when exactly does this takes place in the movie but some users have pointed out that the production had the place look like Newark Airport in New Jersey which could indicate that this scene takes place near the end of the film when Peter finally comes home. It all the more makes sense as other witnesses have described Aunt May as looking mad and worried at him.

Considering we still have no trailer for Captain Marvel or even a title for Avengers 4, it is unlikely we get a trailer for Spider-Man: Far From Home anytime soon. The movie premieres on July 5, 2019, and has most of the ideal cast and the director from the first installment returning.

Source: Reddit