As of this writing we’re only a few hours away from the worldwide premier of Daredevil on Netflix. The excitement is unlike any I’ve seen before as Marvel fans all across the world – for the first time – prepare to simultaneously experience the disaster that is Hell’s Kitchen. Based on the responses I’ve received on Twitter today, many people plan to binge watching all 13 episodes as soon as they are released at 12:01 PDT. It’s safe to say it’s going to be a wild ride on social media tonight.

While Netflix has done a great job of promoting the series, and showcasing the various characters in the series, there are still many questions we’re still hoping to see answered. One of the more perplexing ones is that of who Peter Shinkoda‘s mysterious Nobu is.

Peter is one of the more vocal Daredevil cast members on social media. He’s often seen interacting with fans and hyping up the show, because of this we we’re lucky enough to be able to correspond with him over email this week. He was nice enough to answer a few of our questions. You can check out the interview below.

Tell us a bit (whatever you are allowed to) about your character Nobu.

My character “Nobu” is an original character developed by writers specifically for the series. Marvel mentioned that Nobu is an “associate” of Wilson Fisk’s. I can say that D’Onofrio’s Kingpin and my Nobu have separate ambitions that, if the two work in concert together, the goals will more likely be achieved. By no means is Nobu a “flunky” of The Kingpin’s. If anything, it’s the other way around.

I’ve read in previous interviews that you were already a fan of comics. Were you familiar with Daredevil and the mythology surrounding it already?

Comics were my first form of entertainment before even TV as a child. My folks didn’t believe in having cable, so if I did watch TV it was through a lot of screen static or by obsessing over my friends’ TVs and their cable subscriptions. I was VERY familiar with Daredevil and the whole of the Marvel Comic Universe. My first weekly allowances always went to new issues of The Amazing Spider-Man or The Spectacular Spider-Man and a pack of Hubba Bubba bubble gum! I even have the Number 1 issue of “Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends” based on the Saturday morning cartoon from the 80’s!

While we’re on the topic of comics, who is your favorite super hero?

Hands down my favorite superhero was Spider-Man! A close second and third places would go to Daredevil followed by the X-Men with Wolverine in particular. I know this is a common list.

Speaking of your role in the movie, your character originally was revealed to be named Hachiro, but recent press has you listed as a new character called Nobu. Can you tell us anything about the name change?

“Hachiro” was just an alias name used in the casting process to potentially hide any character leaks to the public. I guess it worked! Marvel is clever.

I’m a big fan of Falling Skies, so when you were cast in Daredevil I was already very familiar with you as an actor. Can you talk a little about how the approach is different to shooting something on Netflix compared to TNT/Showtime, etc?

I loved working on and with everyone on Falling Skies – the best cast and crew! That being said, I also felt very neglected as a member of the main cast in the sense that, much of the time, I found that the work demanded of me was minimal and so was my involvement with the main narrative of the show. Being a performer, the severe lack of material written for me left me a little uninspired by the end. With Marvel’s Daredevil, I found that I had so much more to do as an actor and I was always reminded about how integral my role is to the story. In addition, the preparation for Nobu was extensive, exhilarating, and especially thrilling when I know I’m bringing it to the Marvel table!!!

IMDB has you slated to appear in 5 episodes of Daredevil, is that correct?

IMDb and Wikipedia are so inaccurate much of the time!! You’re just gonna have to watch and find out.

What are you most excited for people to see from Nobu and the show itself?

I’m excited for Daredevil because it is a very hard property to adapt and Marvel hit out of the park again! I’ve seen the first couple of hours and I was speechless. To be apart of this incredibly well handled show when I’d given up all hope of ever being in a Marvel production gives me personal closure. Growing up, all I ever wanted as a boss was Steven Spielberg and/or Stan Lee. I used to actually tell people that dream of mine. When Daredevil drops on April 10th, I will have fulfilled my childhood plans and promises to myself but, more importantly, the public will be able to see another side of my acting abilities that previous parts simply did not allow, and hopefully, the public will approve.

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