In case you missed the biggest behind the scenes MCU news to hit in a while, this week James Gunn has been fired from the development of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 due to some almost decade-old tweets of his, joking about pedophilia and rape. Disney’s chairman Alan Horn released a statement severing ties with Gunn merely hours later, and the internet has been on fire over the subject since then.

As with all things inevitable, many people disagreed with Disney’s action, showing their disappointment on social media and debating the issue. Now, an online petition has surfaced, asking for the re-hiring of James Gunn, arguing that despite the truly awful tone of the tweets, they were simply jokes and that we all have made mistakes in the past that we now regret. The director had already apologized for his previous attempts at humor, which show, for many, that he truly has changed a lot since those days, making his firing an unfair action.

Unfair or not, lots of people seem to agree that he should be brought back to Marvel since the petition has already nearly 75.000 signatures and it’s growing by the minute. If you’d like to know more about it or sign the petition yourself, click here.