With Ant-Man finally set to hit DVD & Blu-Ray next week, Marvel Studios held a press conference this week with Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige, director Peyton Reed, and stars Paul Rudd and Michael Peña. While they spent most of the time talking about Ant-Man, Reed took some time to talk about the upcoming sequel, Ant-Man and the Wasp, and what fans can expect.

Reed specifically went on to mention the Microvere, and how it has helped to prepare him for the upcoming sequel, which he intends to make “weirder”.

“The goal is to keep what we really liked for the characters in the first one, but to make it a much weirder movie.”

And while a writer has yet to be confirmed for the sequel – although Adam McKay has stated he has spoken with Rudd about possibly teaming up again to write it – Reed suggests they are nearing the start on the writing process. This could mean we’ll have an announcement soon on whether McKay and Rudd will reunite for the script on the sequel, or if Marvel will bring in another writer altogether.

Regarding the sequel, Ant-Man and the Wasp, Reed said they are “starting the writing process” and that the film will be released on July 2, 2018. Now that the rules and environment have been established, the film is free to go to some “unexpected places.” One thing Reed is looking forward to exploring is the relationship between Ant-Man and Hope Van Dyne, the future Wasp.

As he’s stated before, Reed fully intends on diving further into Evangeline Lilly‘s Hope van Dyne in Ant-Man and the Wasp and allowing her to be a fully realized, complicated hero, as well as her relationship with Rudd’s Scott Lang.

“Part of thing that we’re going to explore, as shown in the comics, is how [the Ant-Man and Wasp] are such a great duo and partnership. Part of that, in any partnership, is how they relate to each other as people. Where will their personal relationship be at that point, and what will be their fighting style together?”

And while the quotes from Newsarama are interesting, they are nowhere near as interesting as the statement Den of Geek made in a recent post. While it isn’t a direct quote from Reed, according to Den of Geek, Ant-Man and the Wasp is expected to go into production in late 2016. Yes, next year for a 2018 release. Why is this interesting? It means that we could see a lot of Avengers pulling double duty next year. (GotG: Vol. 2 enters production in February, Spider-Man and Thor follow in the summer, with Avenges: Infinity War following in the fall.) Basically, get ready for a busy news year in 2016, MCU fans!

Paul Rudd will reprise his role as Scott Lang and Evangeline Lilly returns as Hope Van Dyne in Ant-Man and the Wasp. Rudd’s Ant-Man will next appear in next summer’s Captain America: Civil War. Michael Douglas will likely return as Hank Pym. Expect production to begin in late 2016.

Ant-Man will hit DVD & Blu-Ray on December 8th, 2015!

Source: Newsarama and Den of Geek.