It’s Monday morning and time for another episode of Marvel News Desk, the official podcast of MCU Exchange.  There are some frequently asked questions that we get all the time.  For example, “When are we going to get a Phase Four announcement?”  This week we are pulling them out again for a more in-depth conversation on those things that MCU fans just keep asking about.  We also go through a bunch of news about Marvel films, Netflix shows, and box office returns.  We do go full spoilers for everything released thus far in the MCU, so you have been warned.  Feel free to use the timestamps below to jump to the conversations you are most interested in.  Thanks for listening!

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2:05-Hawkeye’s Role in Avengers: Infinity War
7:10-Avengers 4 Casting
10:27-Punisher Details
16:50-Jessica Jones Season 2 Wraps Production
19:11-Thor: Ragnarok Controversy, Box Office Predictions, Story Info
25:10-Spider-Man: Homecoming Chinese Box Office
27:35-Inhumans Episode Titles
29:38-Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Casting
29:55-Stan Lee and X-Men Rights

32:29-Frequently Asked Questions
33:40-When Will We Finally Get Phase Four Announcements?
42:21-Will the MCU Ever Win a Major Oscar/Emmy Award?
52:29-How Much Money Will Infinity War Make?
57:03-How Many Netflix Shows Should Come Out Each Year? How Many MCU Films?
59:57-Should Marvel Kill, Recast, or Do Something Else to Older Actors

1:07:27-Iowans Will Hate Us

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