It was bound to happen. With Sigourney Weaver as the villain, it’s all hands on deck. And there’s no time for former love interests when trying to save New York. In new released photos (that we unfortunately can’t copy and paste due to copyrights) for The Defenders, we see that Luke Cage and Jessica Jones have reunited.

Luke and Jessica teamed up.

Claire and Luke fans can probably rest assured that Jessica and Luke aren’t hooking up in these photos. Instead, it seems the two have teamed up, for whatever threat they’re facing in the moment.

One clue is that Luke’s hoodie seems to be riddled with bullet holes. Considering the man is in fact bullet proof, he’s often a shield for those around him. Why enemies insist on wasting their ammo, is beyond me.

At first I wondered if Luke was simply wearing an old hoodie – using the bullet holes are symbolism for his cause. But, taking into account the car behind them, I’d say they were both shot at. Jessica is incredibly strong, but she unfortunately does not have impenetrable skin. Good thing Luke is there! Whatever is the origin for this event, we’re sure it’s all leading up to one epic showdown that brings all four Defenders together.