The Punisher might be the most ambitious story that Marvel and Netflix will tell this year. After making his debut back in season two of Daredevil, the vigilante has been quite absent. Soon, this will change, as we will get our first non-Defenders show on Netflix sometime this fall. We got our first teaser immediately following The Defenders. Shortly after we got a promo that highlights the cast members and then a picture of Frank Castle’s time in the army. While we have yet to see an actual full trailer for the show, we now have some more low-quality pictures that offer a bit more insight into the project thanks to Hollywood Update India.

The first picture gives us a good look at Microchip, who was teased in the previously mentioned promo that was released at the end of August.  It certainly seems like he is not happy seeing his old friend or frenemy meet him. It’s possible this could be from the scene we saw back when they were auditioning for the part. It does look like this might become his new hideout as he continues his rampage against crime. It will be interesting to see how large Frank’s arsenal will get as the series continues. Fans also get a good look at Castle getting ready to take out someone from a distance, in the second photo. The picture also highlights the fact that the story, or at least a part of it, will take place during winter.

Are you looking forward to The Punisher? How do you think the meeting between Microchip and Castle is going to go? Let us know, in the comments!