As the premiere of Daredevil season two gets closer we are learning more about what is to come with the introduction of Elektra and The Punisher. This week in Marvel interviewed Charlie Cox, Deborah Ann Woll, Elodie Yung, and one of the new showrunners for season two, Marco Ramirez, providing some great insight on the addition of these new characters.

While they obviously can’t say much about the show, Charlie Cox did confirm that he will be playing Daredevil again in Season Two. Whew, that’s a relief. All kidding aside, Cox did go praise his new co-stars, saying that people are going to “flip out” over their performances this season. He is definitely a fan of Jon’s performance, talking about the intensity in the new team member’s eyes.

He said that you can never prepare for a show to have the success in a way that Daredevil did. You never know if the people are ready for a risk like what was taken with this show. “Sometimes you give them what they didn’t even know they were waiting for… and that’s what we had.”

On Jessica Jones, Charlie said that it is “absolutely brilliant” with “such interesting themes,” and that it is interesting to see a “superhero battling with past demons” in a world where Daredevil “battles with his conscious over what he is doing.”

Deborah Ann Woll couldn’t say anything about working with Punisher and Elektra, but says that, as people, the actors are fantastic.

As people, Elodie and Jon are fantastic…It’s like our show-runners like Weird-Scienced them into existence for this show, because they are so perfect for their roles.

As for Karen, Deborah said that she will be “Taking up Ben Ulrich’s mantle” as they move forward.

We will get little hints more into Karen’s Past, and and her mystery. But yeah, you get to follow into her becoming her own woman, separate from Matt and Foggy.

Deborah also goes on to talk about her character, and how she enjoys that Karen Page isn’t “perfect”. She likes that we get to see her show vulnerability and emotions, and that she makes mistakes.

The main thing for me that I like about Karen and her emotionality is that, I think, sometimes we think of people who are emotional or people who cry as being weak, and I don’t agree with that, I actually think if you express your emotions, you are bottling up less, and we are in many ways much healthier.

I like to think of Karen as a strong young woman, who makes a lot of mistakes, and is also can cry but also can stare you down, you know she has all sides, she can hit that whole spectrum.

As for series newcomer Elodie Yung, she talked about her background in the action world, comparing her role as Elektra with her character in G.I. Joe. The big difference with Elektra is that she is a “very interesting character with a lot of layers. Jinx in G.I. Joe wasn’t a sociopath, Elektra is, kinda.”

The physicality of the role was different for this role because of the weapons used – Elektra’s sais. Her background in karate didn’t include any weapons training, so she got to learn the use of sais specifically for this role.

On playing a sociopath, she said that “It is really fun!” From reading the comics, such as “Elektra: Assassin”, she envisioned Elektra as a “bad-ass ninja”. She also read up on sociopathy to study for the role, saying that Elektra “struggles to bond with people.”

Elodie continued to explain that what differentiates her character with a real sociopath is that she has a bond with Matthew, which is her weakness. And for laughs, Elodie guarantees us that she is not a real sociopath, but added that if she were, she would be lying when she provides that assurance.

When it came to the part of working on Daredevil that she enjoyed most, she revealed it to be all the rooftop filming they did.

“By night, stabbing ninjas, but still having a great view,” was a great way for her to see New York.

Marco Ramirez, co-show-runner for Daredevil season two alongside Doug Petrie, discussed his background on Sons of Anarchy and Orange is the New Black, and how his love of The X-Files influenced him when he was young. He then went on to note that, the success of the first season of Daredevil was exciting, as it not only came from traditional comic book fans, but from the greater public and a variety of critics.

Regarding the Punisher, he said that news of their access to the character was like being asked, “What if hypothetically, you guys got this really shiny tool in the tool-shed?” He went on to say that it felt like they had a toy in a box, and finally got to open that box and share it with the world.

Regarding the darkness of season two, he equated introducing the new characters with adding a great white shark to the pool.

It’s the problem with introducing a great white shark into the pool, which I love, you know it’s like you know yeah, season one was really dark, lots of people got really beat up in Season one. People about to get murdered. Frank Castle’s walking into the building.

It’s Michael Myers walking through the building right now. Except it’s weirdly a Michael Myers you are routing for. But yeah, I know, it’s about to get really dark.

While recent news has made people worry about the Matt-Foggy relationship, Marco said that it is very much the same. Foggy knows what Matt does, but he doesn’t entirely understand it.

It feels like my friend who doesn’t love comic books, talking to me about the fact I, you know, read comic books at age fifteen. “Oh, right, that stuff that you do, that secret life where you go to the store once a week and spend a lot of money on books.”

Marco also talked about the returning characters from season one, most notably Rosario Dawson‘s Claire Temple. Acocrding to him, When she is involved in a story-line, it brings things back down from what could easily be too far from reality. When the story includes ninjas fighting on rooftops, this grounding is crucial.

An even more interesting tid-bit that Marco revealed? The Jessica Jones team was just across the hall from them, with Jeph Loeb working as the key-master between the two teams. The Daredevil team read the scripts for Jessica Jones and Luke Cage as the shows were being developed.

We are all different teams training for the championship, but want the others to win, too.

We definitely look forward to seeing what the Daredevil team has in store for us when the second season hits Netflix on March 18th!

Source: Marvel.