With Doctor Strange fast approaching a release date, there are still many mysteries revolving around the film, most notably – the identity of the villain. Mads Mikkelsen was originally thought to have been cast as the evil Dormammu but set photos showed have since shown him to be playing a character who is clearly in human form (save for some crazy pink colors around his eyes). After numerous rumors and reports – and plenty of rampant speculation from the fans – it was finally revealed that Mikkelsen was playing the role of Kaecilus. So is he the main bad guy in the film or could there possibly be more to this? Luckily, thanks to an eagle-eyed reader on Reddit, we might have our first clue as to who Steven Strange will be taking on in the 3rd act.

Spoilers Ahead

This week, it was revealed that Community and Rick and Morty writer Dan Harmon has helped polish the Doctor Strange script. However, more interestingly, it seems that Mr. Harmon might’ve accidentally dropped a major clue in what would be the final battle in the film. On his podcast recently, Harmon was jokingly starting to write the script for the Community Movie live on air. But, while opening files, /u/Bifrost51 on Reddit spotted a document titled “Strange Confronts Dormammu”. You can see the screenshot below.


While this could just be an epic troll on Harmon’s part, the circumstances leading to this screenshot seem very accidental so we’re operating under the assumption that this is real. Then again, Harmon was brought in for the script for the reshoots. It’s hard to believe the final act battle scene was somehow written again for additional photography. Other internet rumors/speculation have pointed to Harmon working on the second act, not the final battle, of the film.

So why is it we haven’t seen or heard anything else that would lead us to believe Dormammu is in the film? There could be many reasons, the most notable one being that Dormammu would be an entirely CGI character and Marvel Studios just chose to keep the voice actor under wraps. On the other hand, it has been speculated that Mads’ character Kaecilius could be possessed by Dormammu and is operating as an agent (or even avatar) for him throughout the film.

In some ways, the speculation only relates to fans’ patience. Ultimately Dormammu and Baron Mordo will serve as villains in the franchise unless the first film totally bombs. So if these villains come now or later, audiences will someday get to see the Doc’s main villains on the big screen. Either way, Marvel security is probably on the phone with Mr. Harmon today reminding him to be a little more cautious. Unless they were behind this “leak” all the time!

Doctor Strange will hit theaters on November 4th!

Source: Reddit