Update: Thanks to an announcement from Yahoo! for the upcoming Hellcat comic series, which launches later this year, we now seem to have a better idea of when to expect Jessica Jones – in December. Marvel still hasn’t announced an official release date, but given that we’re a few months out, expect that to change soon!

You can read the original report below.

November 17, 2015. That’s the date if we are to believe the Marvel’s Jessica Jones: Season One book posting that’s up on Amazon right now. This isn’t confirmed by the Marvel/Netflix camp but we did coincidentally run a story several months back about the synopsis that came along with that exact link which turned about to be the actual synopsis for the show, so it’s a very plausible prospect.

Regardless of the ifs and buts, the release date lines up with what the Netflix people have been saying – a Marvel release every six months. With the first of Daredevil having a release date of April, fans were already expecting Jessica Jones to premiere along the October-December time frame. It’s not surprising by all means but damn is it exciting to have a somewhat definite idea on when this show might premiere. This also means that we could finally get a trailer this month, basing it on how Daredevil released the first trailer 2 months before the premiere.

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Source: via Reddit & Amazon