Back in July, we got our first official look at the Vulture in Spider-Man: Homecoming. Although it wasn’t the best look we could’ve gotten, it was enough to show us that we were in for a very different interpretation of the classic villain. Now, thanks to an image that surfaced on Reddit, we may have another look at the new character design. Check out the image below:


Again, let me reiterate that we aren’t 100% sure that this image is legitimate or not. However, upon first glance, it looks like it definitely could be. For easier comparison, here’s the first official concept art for reference:

So, at first glance, the leather jacket and the green pants are the same. Also, the helmet seems to also be consistent between the two concept art versions. Overall, this version of the Vulture seems to be designed with a pilot motif in mind. This new look does also give us a clearer look at the Vulture’s claws as well. From this angle, it now appears that Toomes is wearing some kind of combat boots, and the claws are worn on top of his shoes, almost like water skis. The last thing worth noting is the wingspan. In the first look, the wings looked absolutely massive, but in this still, the wings are smaller and seem more proportional to the size they were in the comics. We don’t get to see the blue lights on the rotors here, but that almost adds to the overall look. It’s definitely a much different take on the Vulture than many of us long time fans are used to, but we’ll have to see how it fits into the world of the new MCU Spider-Man to pass final judgement.

What are your thoughts on this potentially new legit look for the Vulture? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Reddit